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Post-Judgment Attorney in Mequon, Wisconsin

How to Handle Major Life Changes

After your divorce is finalized, you may face changes down the road that affect your divorce or child support agreement. If you move out of state or remarry, it’s essential to hire a post-judgment attorney. Don Fraker is a post-judgment attorney in Mequon, Wisconsin who can help you with divorce modifications and other family law matters.

Post-judgment modifications may apply to child support or alimony agreements. We’ll address any changes to adjust your agreement so that it suits your current situation. Call 262-404-6236 now to work with a post-judgment attorney in Mequon, Wisconsin.

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3 Situations that May Lead to Post-Judgment Modifications

While you may be hesitant to revisit a divorce or child support agreement, a post-judgment attorney makes it easier for you. You may need a post-judgment modification if:

You Relocate

If you move, especially if it's out of state, you will need to make changes to various matters like child support, for example. If you live further away from your co-parent, there will need to be adjustments such as a new meeting place when the child goes from one parent to the other

Income Greatly Changes

If you lose your job, there may be an opportunity for you to receive child support and/or alimony if you weren't receiving it before. In addition, if you have become ill or are seriously injured, your mountains of medical bills will need to be taken into consideration for new child support or alimony plan.

You Change Your Living Situation

If you marry and move in with another person, post-judgment modifications may be necessary. The new spouse is not financially responsible for the children in question, however, their income may become a part of the community property shared with your ex and will likely be considered in the calculation of child support.

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