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Protecting your rights as well as your childrens rights

Nothing is more important than nurturing the parent-child relationship

In the past, the courts often used to decide which parent would be the primary placement parent and allow the other visitation rights on weekends and one evening a week. Today, the system works harder to come up with a plan that is the best fit for each family. Now, more than ever, you'll want an experienced lawyer at your side who will be ready to assist you with the best legal strategy to ensure that the placement plan works for your situation.

Wisconsin courts do not give legal preference to either parent when the time comes to decide who will have primary custody of the children. It is the court's responsibility to do what is in the best interest of the children involved.


There are many factors that are considered before determining which potential placement arrangement is best suited for the family, such as:


•  How far apart do the parents live?

•  Ages of the children

•  Work schedules

•  Children's extra-curricular activities

•  And more


Most of the time, a shared placement arrangement is worked out, which usually means a lot of back and forth for the younger kids and longer stays as the kids get older. However, if you agree on a shared placement arrangement, don't forget to consider that there are still multiple options available to you, such as:


•  Each parent takes 2 weekdays and full weekends are alternated.

•  Alternate weeks

•  One parent may have placement during the school year while the with other parent has

   the children during the summer and over the holidays, if distance is a major concern.


Where amicable resolutions are the outcome, even more creative solutions are possible, such as:


•  Parents who work opposite shifts from one another may devise a plan where one has the

   kids when the other is at work.

Amicable resolutions are best for all parties involved - especially the children.

The best interests of the children are always first and foremost in any situation. We can all work together toward a peaceful arrangement that works for everyone involved.



Protect your visitation rights and ensure that you continue to be a part of your child's life.


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