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The best interest of your child matters most

An angel on your child's shoulder

You want to give your children every chance to succeed. If you are going through a divorce, then one important step is to decide whether you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse will continue to make responsible decisions for your children together, as joint custodians.


Custody rights determine the role of each parent in making all major decisions for your children. Custody: Having with respect to a child means having the right to participate in making the major decisions for the child, such as choice of school, religious upbringing, and health-care providers. In deciding whether one parent should have sole custody or whether the parties should have joint custody, many factors are considered by the court. Joint custody will split responsibility between both parents, while full custody will give all rights / responsibilities to one parent alone.


The court will give you the opportunity to resolve your custody concerns on your own. However, if you are unable to reach an agreement, you must go through mediation. If you are still unable to reach an agreement, the court will appoint a lawyer, known as a guardian ad litem, to represent the best interests of your children.

Sometimes a Guardian Ad Litem is ordered by the court. The guardian ad litem will conduct an investigation by talking to the parents, the children, relatives, teachers and others, in order to make a recommendation regarding child custody. Their bottom line is to do what is best for the children involved. In almost all cases, the court will follow the suggestion of the guardian ad litem.


Taking a child custody battle to court is very expensive and time consuming. I strongly recommend to all my clients that they work with their co-parent to do what is best for their kids.

Keep your childrens lives as stable as possible

Your marriage may have dissolved, but the relationship between child and parent continues.


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